18th juli, 2019

It all started in Fexhe-Slins, a small village located on the surroundings of Liège, within a family farm.

Vicky, a young woman from Liège, who has been involved in fruit and local culture since childhood, started the idea of launching her own local juice brand “Pom de Vicky” in 2017. For 30 years, her parents have owned an incredible orchard with a multitude of fruits: apples, pears, plums… Her sister, also in the arboriculture, grows raspberries and strawberries.

This is how Vicky decided to commercialize an assortment of juices, such as apple juice, apple/pear juice but also apple/raspberry juice and now apple/strawberry juice. What to make salivate more than one…

Passionate about her work, Vicky undertakes to keep some of the values that are important to her, in particular by preserving an artisanal and authentic image. Values that also resonate for us at the Châtelain Brussels Hotel. By offering these delicious juices to our customers, we seek to promote our beautiful Belgian terroir and support small independent producers.

You will find Pom de Vicky on sale within the family estate, in local shops, on some markets (Place des Chasseurs Ardennais on Friday and Place Flagey on weekends), and now to taste at the Châtelain Brussels Hotel!