12th September, 2018


We have recently launched our new restaurant menu.
As we are leaving summer and are slowly venturing into a fresh season, we would like to present you with a creatively augmented selection of tastes and experiences.  Our tomatoes have never been juicier. The usage of our spices and herbs have never tickled your senses like this before.
Wouldn’t you say that It’s about time to start exploring all these new wonderful things?
Le Châtelain Brussels would very much like to be your partner on that journey.


Cooking is all about using your senses to the fullest.  It’s all about capturing the most amazing wonders our world has to offer and translate them to your dish.  Chef Raphael de Souza understands this philosophy completely.  You could say he wrote the book on it.  Renowned from outstanding local restaurants such as Villa Emilie and Fils à papa, chef de Souza is an expert in painting you a picture of taste.  His origin reflected perfectly in his cooking.  The freshest fish, the best seasonal vegetables and a more than jovial, passionate disposition to create a ray of sunshine in every plate he serves. Vital ingredients rediscovered through new recipes.  Each and every time.


May we in particular suggest the North Sea Sole meuniere or the garlic roasted filet of Sea Bass?
The revamped menu succeeds in creating a perfect marriage between local favorites and the mouth-watering gastronomic rituals of Mediterranean cooking.
The Burrata with olive oil and seasonal tomatoes, a perfect example of said cuisine.  Originating from Puglia in Italy, this creamy starter will leave you reminiscing about its perfect texture and taste for years to come.  Truly, the queen of Italian cheeses.


Whether you need to wind down after a long day at work, celebrate a long-term relationship or bask in the enthusiasm of a new starting one.  We will be your host.  Important business meeting or a casual night amongst friends?  We will show you to your table.

Chef de Souza said it best.  “On veut ensoleiller la journée de nos clients”
Allow us to light up your day.