21st December, 2018

Noise.  Tension.  Work.  Traffic.  Stress.  Most people endure these things on a daily basis.
Our modern-day life can be quite demanding, I’m sure you agree.  We are born and raised to fill every waking moment and endure whatever it takes.  Not being busy is something that’s rather difficult for us.

Le Châtelain Brussels Hotel offers the solution to make life a little easier…more pleasant even.
How would you like to fully unwind?  Feel completely invigorated, ready again to take the world by storm.  Our new Beauty & Spa center has everything you need.

Our expert staff of masseurs and beauticians have the skillset you need to feel reborn.
Choose from an extensive list of treatments, each carefully selected to answer any need for relaxation.  Facial and body treatments with a range of exclusive aromatic oils and scrubs.  A manual massage under soothing infrared lamps or a good old-fashioned Back and Shoulder Massage.  Our center is there for your leisure.  We are well aware that you can’t choose them all.  Leave some for your next visit.  Maybe we have another surprise ready for you by then…

Not sure what to pick? Allow us to make a suggestion.
It is humanly impossible to leave our hotel unsatisfied after our “Journey for two -Beauty & Spa Coffret Program.  A full two hours of ecstasy where you can indulge yourself to the point of decadence.  A spicy herbal steam and Aroma sauna bath followed by a heavenly Aromatherapy massage, ending with an essential head & facial care.  Sheer heaven.

Not a guest of the Châtelain Brussels Hotel but in desperate need for some “you-time”?
The full range of our Beauty & Spa center is also at your disposal.
Give us a call and book your appointment now!

For more information and reservation, please contact our frontdesk team:

+32 (0) 2 646 00 55