6th November, 2018

Here, at Le Châtelain Brussels Hotel, we like nothing more than to open our doors and invite all our esteemed guests to share a wonderful time. Our much-adored themed Brunches give us the opportunity to have everyone partake in the matters that mean the most to us.

On Sunday 2nd December, we clear the room and give free reign to our most privileged friends… Children of all ages.

Looking through the eyes of a child, there is no larger source of excitement than the festive season at the end of each year. The moment your parents warned you about for months.  Were you naughty, or nice? We are quite convinced that they will see a full house of the most precious little ones at our party, their parents beaming with pride. And even, should there be some little “remarks” on the holy man’s list, we are sure our staff can persuade him to let it slip…just this once.

Le Châtelain Brussels Hotel would like to welcome you to an afternoon of Yuletide Magic. When the little ones are sitting around the Christmas tree, listening breathlessly to what Saint-Nicolas has in store for them, the parents can enjoy a fine selection of fresh home-made products.  Yule Log, Christmas pudding and a range of the most scrumptious biscuits imaginable to name a few. The first glass of sparkling champagne is on us, naturally.

As it is a party of sorts, we would like to focus your attention on our Live band who will set the mood with the smoothest of Christmas carols and festive songs.

Also, since we do not like to spoil every surprise, of which there will be copious amounts of, rest assured that we will have plenty of children’s entertainment planned.
As for you adults, maybe even a little mistletoe here and there.


Book your table at 02 646 00 55 or at fb@le-chatelain.com