23rd August, 2018

“Color” is one of those words. Just like “Love” or “happiness”, it is very hard to describe. You could say it is colored, pardon the pun, by the users’ perspective. Science would phrase it as the frequency at which light bends in the ultraviolet spectrum, but explaining it like that would do the meaning very little justice. Especially when we link it to another even more enigmatic word such as “Soul”.

In this article, it is our intention to entice you a little bit to the wonderful combination of Color and Soul. African color and soul to be precise.
Le Châtelain Brussels Hotel would very much like to invite you to their African inspired Brunch the 23rd of September. Since there is no effective way to explain the depth and warmth of African culture in mere words, the hotel has decided to invite you to another high-quality showcase. Having the possibility to let you feel and taste the cultural sensations of a vivid and vibrant culture is an opportunity we could not pass. Welcome to African vibes.
As you might be accustomed by us, should you be a regular visitor to our showcase brunches, we will offer you a wide range of our own freshly made products. Some of them highlighted by our particular event of the month of course. It goes without saying that entertainment for young and “less-young” will be provided in abundance. Our free valet parking will ease your worries as well, which leads us to the jewel in this events crown. The African corner.

Le Châtelain Brussels Hotel is very proud to present to you the creations of some of the most brilliant African designers in the world of fashion. We find ourselves privileged to offer these fine clothes and accessories for sale in the themed part of our very own shop.

MeyNö, a brand exclusively made in Africa, combines authentic materials and techniques with cosmopolitan contemporary styles. Their designs succeed in captivating the flavor and passion of the African continent. Their work empowers equality in labor and makes a strong statement on ethics and ecology. A statement le Châtelain Brussels Hotel fully supports.
Already famous on the catwalk and the boulevard alike, we are extremely pleased to give our guest the chance to sample these brilliant works of art.

Last but not least, Bizeti clothing and accessories. This collective groups an impressive number of African artisans showering you with truly inspired designs. Their creations a fresh amalgam of style and culture carrying with them a new and trending “hotness” in modern fashion.

As we said before, words will never be enough to immerse you in another world.
Allow us to ask you again after the brunch. We can’t wait…


Book your table at 02 646 00 55 or at fb@le-chatelain.com